what is a personal injury

Six Common Types of Personal Injuries

Getting injured can ruin your day — or worse — make a more significant and longer-lasting impact on the quality of your life.

In the work we do in our personal injury law practice, we regularly speak with people who sustained injuries that were caused by someone else (a person or a company).

If you experienced an injury like this (or know someone who has), you deserve compensation — and it’s likely we can help you.

When you choose to work with us, you don’t pay an attorney fee upfront. We work with you on a contingency basis., meaning our fee is contingent on the outcome of your personal injury matter. If we don’t obtain compensation for you, either via a judgment or settlement, you don’t pay us a fee for the time we spent on your case.

The upside for you is that there’s no risk in hiring Fleming & Monroe as your personal injury attorney. If we don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay the attorney fee.

Here’s an infographic showing the more common types of personal injuries. (There are other types of injuries, too. Find them here.)

what are the common types of personal injuries

Need a Reputable Personal Injury Attorney?

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