Personal Injury Myths Debunked by Mesa Personal Injury Lawyers

Myths and misconceptions abound with regard to personal injury cases, lawyers, and plaintiffs and some people cling tenaciously to these myths instead of learning the true facts.

In an effort to educate and guide people regarding the truths of personal injury lawyers and cases, we debunk four myths we often hear:

Myth #1: Personal Injury Attorneys are Ambulance Chasers

Personal injury attorneys are often portrayed by society, including television, movies, social media, etc., as “ambulance chasers,” shamelessly chasing after ambulances in an effort to take advantage of injured, vulnerable people and who are only interested in making money.  This general characterization of personal injury attorneys is false and undermines America’s legal system.  The truth is, there are many reputable personal injury attorneys who care deeply about helping their injured clients obtain justice and fair compensation for their losses and injuries.

Myth #2: My Injuries are Minor so I Do Not Need a Lawyer

People often believe their injuries are too minor to pursue and choose instead to attempt to resolve their claim with the insurance adjuster by themselves.  Unfortunately, the severity of many injuries may not be noticeable at first blush and additional medical evaluation may be necessary.  Or, claims adjusters, recognizing that the typical person does not know how to value an injury claim or understand all of their legal rights, often try to quickly convince individuals that their case is not valuable in an effort to resolve the claim at a severely discounted settlement.  The truth is, whenever somebody has been injured and is attempting to resolve a claim with the insurance company – no matter the size of the injuries – an experienced personal injury attorney can be a great asset.

Myth #3: I Have Insurance So I Do Not Need a Lawyer

Some people are fooled into believing an insurance company is looking out for that person’s best interest when it comes to injury claims.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Insurance companies, like any company, are trying to make a profit and will often seek to pay as little as possible on an injury claim.  They convince people to provide recorded statements and other information that often hurts the injured person’s case.  The truth is, negotiating with insurance companies on your own can be tough!  Claims professionals are experienced in handling claims and working to reduce the value of injury claims to save the company money – their job depends upon it!  We believe the best approach is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who can fight the big insurance companies on your behalf and who can defend your rights and advocate aggressively for just compensation.

Myth #4: Personal Injury Lawsuits Take Too Long to Settle

The term “lawsuit” intimidates many people and many believe that every injury lawsuit will drag on for years.  While time seems disproportionately long to those that have been injured, the truth is, there are many factors that play into how long your case will take to achieve a resolution, including, the legal issues involved, your medical treatment, the insurance company, and the claim professional.

At Fleming & Monroe, PLC, we are dedicated to helping our injury clients find healing, navigate the complexities of insurance, and obtain reparation for their injuries. We are committed to working with you, side-by-side, with your injury claims. If you, or somebody you know, has been injured by the negligence of another, contact Fleming & Monroe, PLC today. #fmlawazlegaltips