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Bitten by Someone’s Dog? Here’s How an Attorney Can Help You

People love their dogs and often treat them like part of the family. Although dogs can be wonderful companions, dog bites cause a large number of injuries, hospitalizations, reconstructive surgeries and deaths in the US.

In Arizona, when a dog’s bite causes injury, the owner or person responsible for the dog may be responsible for the victim’s damages, unless the victim provoked the attack. Many states have a dog bite law that gives a dog “one free bite,” but Arizona is not a one-free-bite state. On the contrary, A.R.S. §§ 11-1020 and 11-1025 impose strict liability on the owner of a dog that causes injuries to a victim.

In addition to the owner of the dog, the person(s) responsible for the dog at the time the bite occurred may also be liable for the injuries to the victim. The only defenses to a claim brought under these statutes is that the victim provoked the dog or the owner is a governmental agency using a dog in a military or police work, and the bite occurred while the dog was defending itself from a harassing or provoking act, or assisting an employee of the agency in connection with certain specified tasks. See A.R.S. § 11-1025(B).

Legal Compensation for a Dog Bite

Even nice dogs can bite people
Even a nice dog can bite someone.

In addition to the statutory claims a victim may have, dog bite victims may also have a claim arising under local city or county ordinances or under common law negligence. Victims of a dog bite should determine if there are city, town or county ordinances or regulations that may apply.

If a dog bite victim meets the requirements to prove liability, the victim is entitled to be compensated for the following representative list of damages, including, but not limited to:

  • Medical expenses
  • Estimated costs for future medical care
  • Counseling costs
  • Lost wages
  • Cost to replace damaged or destroyed personal property
  • Pain and suffering

Bitten by a Dog? We Can Help.

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