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Hello from Fleming & Monroe (June News)

Today, more people realize the need for an estate plan.

Concerns about the pandemic and uncertainties about the future get the “credit,” unfortunately.

But sometimes it takes a life event or an “aha” moment to spur us into action. That’s human nature.

If you haven’t taken the first step in the estate planning process, an informational call with us is a great place to begin. Schedule time with us, and cross this task off your must-do list.

Meet SE Valley personal injury and estate planning attorneys Jacob Fleming and Bob MonroeInquiring minds want to know …

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In case you missed them, you can read our backstories here. You’ll find a mix of personal and business info, including why we enjoy practicing law.

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Read the Google reviews for attorneys Fleming & MonroeWhen you refer a friend, family member or other acquaintance our way, it means a lot to us.

We value “warm introductions” like these but also know that people discover our legal practice online without having the benefit of knowing anything about us. That’s why we rely on Google and other online reviews, too.

If you worked with us on a personal injury claim, an estate plan or other legal matter and are open to writing an online review, we would appreciate it. Here’s where you can do so on Google, Facebook or Yelp.


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