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Hello from Fleming & Monroe (July News)

Did you hear the news? We’re celebrating our second anniversary!

In the summer of 2018 (a much different summer than this one), we set out to run our own law practice. And what a journey it’s been!

We know that many of you can relate to our entrepreneurial story because you also run a business — or you have a friend or loved one who does. We’re so thankful for your support and look forward to many, many years at Fleming & Monroe!

Anniversary Reflections from Jacob Fleming

Jacob Monroe, estate planning attorney in Mesa, AZRunning our own legal practice takes a lot of work and patience. I spend a lot of time doing administrative tasks!

Thinking back to when we first opened, our world looked pretty bleak. We didn’t have a single personal injury client. Because personal injury (PI) was one of our primary focuses, we wanted to develop a robust practice. With a lot of effort and diligence these past two years, we created a wonderful PI practice we’re both proud of.

Being partners with Bob is great! He’s a willing sounding board for many of my business ideas as well as case-handling ideas. He works hard and is dedicated to growing our firm. Our partnership is strong.

Bob Monore Shares His Thoughts, Too

Bob Monroe, Personal Injury attorney in Mesa, AZA big learning for me: It takes a lot of work to bring in a new client! Networking, establishing a website and social media accounts, and building trust and rapport with potential clients is an on-going effort that takes persistence.

I agree with Jacob about the administrative-type tasks. Maintaining the books, paying bills, etc., take time. Before opening our firm, most of my week when I worked in another law practice was spent directly on my clients’ matters. Now, I make time for those admin tasks that keep the business running strong while doing more client work.

When we opened our doors two years ago, our only client was one I worked with previously (a business/general representation client). Although we were excited about the prospects of owning our own firm, we were obviously concerned about how we were going to find more clients. We started networking like crazy to get our names out there. Slowly but surely, the clients started to come in. This month, we signed our 257th client!

I couldn’t have picked a better person to be partners with! Jake is smart, detail-oriented, honest and a hard-worker. It’s enjoyable to work with him every day, discussing our clients’ needs and how we can best serve them. Plus, it’s nice we both love following our Arizona sports teams because we always have something to talk about during downtime!

What its cost to get an estate plan in Mesa?

How Much Do Estate Plans Cost?

Inquiring minds want to know …

This month, we pulled back the curtains to share what it costs to get an estate plan at Fleming & Monroe!

Advertising prices is something most attorneys don’t do. But we know we’re not like some attorneys we know. That’s why we quoted prices for our estate plan packages on our blog in How Much Do Estate Plans Cost?

We also jumped into doing weekly Facebook Lives this month. (Gulp) Here’s Bob’s video where he explains more about the package options we offer. If you’re not following us on Facebook or Instagram, we’d appreciate the support!

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