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Day in the Life of Attorneys Jacob and Bob with Fleming & Monroe

This month, Jacob Fleming and Bob Monroe celebrate three years of being the co-founders and partners of Fleming & Monroe, practicing personal injury law work and helping people with estate plans.

Jacob’s and Bob’s workdays are filled with client work, talking with other attorneys and insurance adjusters, meeting with prospective clients, keeping up with their BNI (networking group) commitments and more. They’ve been working together for so long now that there’s a pattern to their days that works for their growing legal practice in Mesa and business partnership.

Day in the Life of Jacob and Bob

If you ever wondered what it’s like to be an attorney, here’s a look at a typical day in July for Jacob and Bob.

  • 8 a.m. – Jacob and Bob get to the office around the same time. Some days, it’s earlier/later depending on what’s going on at home and with their families’ schedules. (Both of them are married with four kids.) Throughout the morning, Jacob and Bob talk about the cases they’re working on and the day’s priorities and any meetings or calls they need to do. Today, they’ll both be in the office all day. While they each have their own cases, Jacob and Bob bounce ideas off one another and brainstorm client situations they need to work through. (They believe two heads are better than one and that clients benefit from this team approach.)
  • Throughout the morning – Jacob gets a call from a personal injury client who was in a car wreck and is seeking damages from the other driver. Being a personal injury attorney means there’s lots of paperwork, which Bob says can take up to a third of their time during a typical workday.
  • Lunchtime – Jacob and Bob enjoy getting out of the office for a quick lunch, and today Mexican food is calling. (When they have more time, they’ll often choose Oregano’s.) Then, they head back to the office.
  • Early afternoon – They get a call from a woman interested in setting up an estate plan for her and her husband. (She learned of Fleming & Monroe from a friend who was a client of Bob’s. Jacob say the majority of new people coming their way are from client referrals.) On an introductory call like this, Bob doesn’t usually get into many specifics with the person, other than to find out what they’re looking for and when they can meet. Bob emails the woman an intake form to fill out before the free consultation. (Sidenote: Fleming & Monroe offer a free consultation, which you may already know if you’re familiar with their firm.)
  • Later in the day – Jacob reaches out to a chiropractor to obtain medical records for a personal injury case. Then, he talks with an insurance adjuster to start negotiating a personal injury client’s settlement. Running your own business involves a fair amount of bill-paying, which Bob says he started doing early on when they formed Fleming & Monroe. (Only one of them had access to QuickBooks, and that’s how it’s remained.) Bob pays some bills and then turns his attention back to “work” work.
  • 4:30 p.m. – Fleming & Monroe’s social media manager emails them a new idea for Facebook and Instagram and reminds them it’s time to start thinking about their next Facebook Live video. (Check out the ones they filmed to date.)
  • 5 p.m. – This is the typical time both Bob and Jacob head home to their families and when they leave the office today. Later tonight, Bob texts Jacob about an after-hours call that came into the office with someone asking about a dated estate plan that needs reviewing and updating.
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Get to know 10 fun facts about East Valley attorneys Jacob Fleming and Bob Monroe, including where they grew up, their educational background and what they like to do outside of work. They say that one of the secrets to their successful partnership is that they both like sports (better luck next year, Suns!) and spending time outdoors.


It’s a Wrap!

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