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Estate Planning Tips for Women

Estate planning advice isn’t gender-specific, per se — but as we talk with more and more women about their estate plan needs and personal situations, we’re reminded there are some nuanced differences between women and men that do bear mentioning.

That’s why we created this colorful Estate Planning Tips for Women infographic. Download your copy here, and please consider sharing it with a friend who could use this information.

In the meantime, here’s some related food for thought on this topic:

  • Studies have shown that in marriages, it’s typical for one partner to manage the budgeting, bill-paying and other financial matters. This one-sided approach can lead to issues if something happens to the spouse who’s taken the lead on all things financial.
  • Traditionally, children grow up hearing different messages about money depending on their gender. “Invest and save” are what many boys hear, and girls hear “budget and spend wisely.” (This generalization may not apply based on the child’s upbringing, of course.)
  • As our infographic points out, on average women live longer than men. This means the estate plan needs to factor in the women’s needs and should be reviewed after her spouse passes away.

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estate planning tips for women infographic