When You’ve Been in an Auto Accident, is the Insurance Adjuster Really Looking Out for Your Interests?

When an auto accident occurs and a claim is presented to the other driver’s insurance company, the insurance company assigns the claim to an insurance adjuster.  Many times, these adjusters are friendly, very concerned about your well-being and “want to help you resolve your claim in the most efficient and timely manner.” In fact, they may call you several times a week with concerns for your damaged vehicle and great interest in your overall well-being. They often ask questions to get you to discuss the accident and your injuries. Many times, you may begin to rely on their advice and follow their suggestions because they seem considered, friendly, sympathetic and concerned about your best interests. But do they really have your best interests in mind?

While there are certainly well-meaning adjusters in the world, you must always remember that insurance companies – and, therefore, insurance adjusters – are in the business of making money and the role of an insurance adjuster is to save the most money possible for their company on each claim. The more they save, the better they look. Stated another way, the less money they pay to you, the better job they do for their company.

You may wonder what this really means for you?  When you have been involved in an accident and are deciding whether to face the insurance company alone or with an attorney, you must understand that insurance adjusters are trained to find a way to pay you the least amount of money possible. If there is any way they can effectively deny your claim, they would actively pursue that option without any regard or concern for you.  All of that concern and friendly inquiry they make into your well-being and car damage, in reality, is a clever way of analyzing the extent of your potential property damages and personal injuries and determining ways in which the insurance adjuster can minimize any potential payout – that is what they are paid to do!  And, those statements and documents you provide to them – these will certainly be used in their attempt to minimize your claim.  Relying on the adjusters to look out for your best interests, therefore, may result in you losing the opportunity to obtain a full and fair recovery.

A word to the wise – Be careful dealing with the insurance adjusters on your own. It is generally better to obtain an experienced personal injury attorney who is trained to deal with these adjusters or better yet, who used to be on the adjusters’ side and knows what techniques are used to minimize the payout.  The founding partners of Fleming & Monroe, PLC, did just that – before starting our own law firm, we worked on the adjusters’ side and learned their techniques.  Do not get caught in an unfair game against an insurance adjuster. Be smart, be cautious, and get the help you need by giving us a call today, so you can obtain the recovery you truly deserve.