track medical expenses for your personal injury

Use a Personal Injury Checklist to Track Accident Expenses

When you’re injured in a car accident, your first focus should be to make sure you’re OK. Calling the police is important, too.* If you were injured and believe the other driver is at fault, recording every injury-related expense is an important step you’ll want to take after the accident.

When you hire Fleming & Monroe’s attorneys to help you with a personal injury matter — whether it’s a car wreck or another type of accident where someone else (a person or a company) is at fault — having each of the expenses you incur documented will give us the information we need to work on your case.

Our downloadable personal injury worksheets can be completed online and saved as a PDF, or you can print out the three checklists and write on them.

How to Use a Personal Injury Checklist

Here’s what you can record on the worksheets:

  • Medical expenses and prescriptions – Use this form to record doctor and chiropractor visits and other medical expenses related to your injury. Note prescription costs here, too. Keep your receipts for all expenses in a file folder.
  • Lost wages – Use this checklist to make note of time away from your job and any lost wages.
  • Property damage – On this worksheet, you will record any damaged property related to your personal injury, including travel to/from medical appointments, rental car expenses, etc. Keep your receipts for all expenses in a file folder.
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Personal injury attorneys Jacob Fleming and Bob Monroe are dedicated to helping people in the Southeast Valley and across Arizona with personal injury matters and estate plans.

“No Attorney Fee” Personal Injury Lawyers in Mesa

We hope these personal injury forms come in handy … and, of course, we also hope that you contact Fleming & Monroe to be your personal injury lawyer. During our initial meeting — a free consultation session that can be done in-person, by phone or via video — you can explain your situation to us. We’ll let you know the process of evaluating your personal injury claim, and then you can decide if you’re ready to move forward.

Here’s something important to know about our firm: We work with our personal injury clients on a contingency basis. This means our fee is contingent on the outcome of your personal injury matter. If we don’t obtain any compensation for you — either via a judgment or settlement — you don’t pay us a fee for the time we spent on your case. So, there’s no risk in hiring us as your attorney for a personal injury matter.

Personal Injury Money Matters and More

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*You should also contact your car insurance company ASAP to let them know about your accident. Make sure you get the other driver’s contact information and the insurance company’s name, too, before you leave the scene of the accident.