Calculating the Proper Child Support Amount

Child support is a critical component of any divorce proceeding involving minor children and calculating the proper child support amount can be a difficult process. At a minimum, the judge will consider the number of children involved, the income of both parents, the amount of medical insurance for the children, which parent will be providing medical insurance for the children, whether extra child care or educational expenses exist, and the number of parenting time days each parent gets per year.  Although the list is stated simply, it is much more difficult to apply, as the process of determining a parent’s income can be very complicated if a parent is a business owner or is self-employed.  Additionally, because child support dollars are for supporting one’s child(ren), courts take child support very seriously and impose serious consequences for a violation of child support orders, including contempt of court.  If you need help with calculating child support in a divorce proceeding or modifying a current child support order, contact the attorneys at Fleming & Monroe, PLC to set up your free consultation.