Limited Scope Legal Representation, Discounted Legal Services

Hiring an attorney does not have to be expensive! For a number of different types of situations, the attorneys at Fleming & Monroe can handle your matter with a limited scope representation. This means that instead of the typical model where you pay a large retainer to your attorney that he or she will bill several hundred dollars per hour against as he or she works on your file, you pay us a one-time, low flat-fee to perform a specific legal task. For example, some of the tasks for which we are frequently retained on a limited scope basis include, but are not limited to, drafting demand letters, agreements, business formation documents, and a number of different types of contracts, as well as evaluating contracts and advising if additional contractual provisions are needed. Avoid paying an attorney on an hourly basis to perform these tasks when we can do them for a low flat-fee! If you have a legal issue, contact us for a free consultation to determine if a limited scope representation will work for you.